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You will be pleased to hear that you can now download any of our apps for free throughout this challenging time. Covid-19 is causing mass disruption to learning and our games are designed to support your pupils consolidate and practise key skills. Try them out for free: no adverts and no in-app purchases. Please review and share! Thank you. Stay safe and well.

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Magic Spell

Finally a game that makes spelling fun!

Magic Spell is a carefully crafted spelling adventure. If you are a child, parent or school, there is a Magic Spell app to suit your needs. We are developing Magic Spell now so that it uses 'spaced practice' a scientific method of improving memory retention. This is part of our commitment to build games that have high educational impact. Watch this space.

Wands, wizards and wondrous worlds...come and join the fun!

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Epic Space Adventure: COMING SOON!

Mathsronauts is the first of its kind. You will be catapulted through the galaxies on a captivating adventure of mathematical fluency and problem solving. Mathstronauts is more than a space adventure: regular practice and adaptive challenges are carefully sequenced for players to support their memory development and conceptual understanding. Pedagogy-centred game development.

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Ready. Set. GO!


Times Tables Go! is now live on the App Store! It's a dino-tastic social game that helps your to learn your times tables quickly. Play against friends and family and compete to be the number one player in our global super league! TTGo! is now ready to download on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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If our products do not work for you, then they simply do not work. We thrive from your feedback and making positive adaptations to our technology. Please get in contact with our team if there is anything that you would like to tell us.

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Each member of our unique team is highly-skilled and helps to create your world-class gaming experience. At Brainbox Games, we are striving to use technology to improve learning experiences for every child. Find out more about the team and the skills that we bring to our organisation.

Brainbox Mission

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At Brainbox Games, we demand the highest standards for all of our products: educational challenge, support and innovation in game design. Brainbox Games exists to create equality for all children and support them reach their potential in the future. Whether you are a school, parent or pupil, you can count on us to support you: we listen, learn and improve every day so that our products are everything that you demand, and more.

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